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Testing & simulation

Creation and conception of software with which your products and ma-chines are simulated or tested.


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A simulation simulates hardware such as joysticks, displays, sensors, motors or complete machine systems. If a new project is realised, the associated hardware can be simulated and does not have to be present.

The data exchange between the simulation and a controller reduces the work in:



  • New development
    • The customer does not necessarily have to supply hardware components needed for operation.

    • Functions that are blocked by sensors or other inputs can be imitated in the simulation. This allows realistic programming during development.

    • The feedback of the simulation (voltage values, PWM signals, etc.) makes it possible to detect and correct logic errors quickly.

  • Troubleshooting
    • The customer can record sensor values and pass them on to us. These values can be integrated into the simulation and visualised. This enables malfunctions such as uneven movements or a wrong direction of travel to be detected more quickly.

    • If a sensor fails, this does not necessarily mean that it no longer outputs a value. Such errors can now be simulated easily.

  • Optimisation
    • If all sensor values of a machine function are recorded (e.g. the move-ments of a lifting arm), these values can be “run through” as often as required in the simulation, making it possible to monitor and optimise control in the controller without the usual measurement fluctuations.


A simulation can also be turned into a test environment. This environment gives you the opportunity to test products and code before they are delivered to the customer. This ensures consistent and high quality.

The test environment offers the following benefits:

  • Testing of all products with specially developed procedures
  • Quality assurance
  • Correction of possible errors before delivery 

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